Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Can Help You Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, treat Addiction and Anxiety related conditions.
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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Quit smoking with hypnosisI have helped hundreds of people, if not more, quit smoking with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These discarded cigarette boxes are only a fraction of the smokers who have quit smoking with Blue Moon Hypnotherapy.

As you know, smoking is a complicated issue, so the more issues you address in hypnosis, the greater the success, the more lasting the results will be. That’s what you want – lasting results.  Therefore, I require a minimum of two sessions for smoking cessation.

Hypnosis is a highly effective tool for change and for altering lifelong patterns. Hypnosis can allow you to resolve your issues surrounding tobacco (chew or marijuana) at the source in the deep levels of your being, the unconscious, where you hold your lifelong patterns, beliefs, fears, memories and motivations.

How the Program Works

The first session usually lasts 3 hours. This includes an extensive intake process. You’ll watch a video on what hypnosis is and isn’t. We’ll do a demo session for about 20 minutes, and I’ll answer any questions or concerns you may still have (if any.) I do this so that there are no misconceptions and we are both on the same page for the actual session which I record for you.

I will teach you Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a Hypnosis/Energy technique that you use as a tool in the waking state to help with any thoughts of smoking or withdrawal symptoms you may or may not experience.

I ask you to listen to your personalized session at least once a day (more if you like) until I see you again. You’ll need a CD player with head phones. You may download the session into your MP3 player.

Upon your return, the second session is from approximately 2-3 hours long at and that time we’ll do hypnotherapy –  that is an interactive process where you will speak while under hypnosis.  That’s where we’ll dig deeper into the smoking behavior.

My intent is to lead you to your own inner source of wisdom and allow you to take back full control of what you want and need in your life. At the conclusion of this session, I will record another personalized hypnosis session for you.  Additionally, I will give you a third (pre-recorded) tobacco cessation CD so that by the end of the process you’ll have 3 hypnotic sessions to listen to for reinforcement. I do everything I can to help you succeed at becoming and remaining a nonsmoker. I suggest you listen to the CDs for a month to reinforce your non smoking behavior patterns.

I most always address the weight gain issue during my smoking cessation sessions (unless you don’t need or want it).  Once in a blue moon some people return for a weight loss session later on, if needed.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome the habit of failure
  • Increase relaxation
  • Change negative triggers to healthy triggers
  • Conquer behaviors that have been limiting you
  • Extinguish stress and frustration
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviors
  • Stop reacting to boredom
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Free yourself from discomfort
  • Increase self confidence
  • Build stress free behaviors
  • Have fun while making the changes you desire
  • Become a non smoker

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Would you like to read what some of my pleased non-smoker clients have to say?

I just wanted to let you know that things have been going wonderfully since my session with you in March of 2006. Since leaving your office that day I have not dipped once and have not touched a single piece of the nicotine gum. I am totally amazed at how well the hypnosis worked. I had been dipping for almost 18 years and tried to quick more times than I can remember. I would always go right back to dipping after a few months or if put in a situation where others were dipping. I can say that even during my softball season, I have multiple teammates who dip. I have not dipped nor have I had the urge to dip. I can say that I am 100% confident that I am now a non dipper and will never do so again and I thank you for this. Not only have I been freed from the burden of relying on a substance, but I feel healthier and have saved hundreds of dollars and over time thousands.*

My only regret is that I did not make an appointment 5 years earlier. Also if you ever wanted to use me as a reference then I would be more than willing to speak with anyone who is a dipper and would like to hear how you helped.

Again, Thank You Very Much.

Jim Calabrese
James A. Calabrese, CFP
Assistant Vice President
The Affeldt, Miles & Calabrese Group

Hi Jean,
I thought I would share an interesting couple of milestones with you, maybe they will inspire some of your clients. I quit smoking: Three Years, Three Months, Twelve Days, 9 Hours and 2 Minutes ago.   According to my quit meter, I have extended my life expectancy by 104 Days and 4 Hours.

I have not smoked for 1200 days, and I have not smoked over 30,000 cigarettes — that’s 150 cartons, 1500 packs, or 15 CASES of cigarettes.  I’ve saved over $8,000.00, closer to $9,000.00 at today’s prices.

And I have no plans to take even one puff, ever again. I quit cold turkey, and used hypnosis to support my efforts. My first hypnosis session was approximately 16 hours after my last cigarette, and by the time I got to the office, I was extremely stressed out and very much desperate for a smoke. I was very worried about whether or not I would ever be able to quit. After the first session, I felt much more confident that I could quit, and much less stressed. I never looked back, and have not touched a cigarette since 11:30 pm on August 8, 2005.

My family and friends are absolutely amazed, because none of them believed that I could ever quit smoking. I have no doubt that the three hypnosis sessions with Jean were the reason why I have been able to accomplish this. I still listen to the tapes from time to time, to reinforce my non-smoking identity, but I truly have no desire to ever take another puff. *
– K.A.B., Esq.

“30 Years of smoking ended after only one session! If I can do it, so can you!”*
– Charles Streeter, Greenfield, MA

“I basically walked out of the session a non-smoker!”*
– Wendy Matys, Ashfield, MA

“I smoked for 30 years. tried everything to quit, the patch, the gum, wellbutrin…..but nothing made me feel this way!”*
– Pat Ryan, Turners Falls, MA

“My experience with Jean Conway’s hypnotherapy was absolutely delightful. I feel more relaxed than I have in years after only one session.

During the second session I discovered that I had not yet allowed myself to mourn the death of my brother who passed in 2001, and that I was smoking to suppress these emotions as well as many others. Using the tools and techniques that Jean taught me, I began to explore the feelings deep within myself and have been working through them as well. Thank-you Jean for sharing your very special gift.”*
– M.H., Turners Falls, MA

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*Results may vary.