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Chronic Pain or Illness

Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Arthritis, symptoms of Cancer treatment

  • Are you dealing with pain?
  • Trying to cope with a physical problem that you cannot change?
  • Is it affecting your moods and spirit?

I can help you put mind over matter with the powerfully gentle process of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help you handle what hurts. Together, we will ease the physical and emotional battle you are fighting, and train your thoughts to experience a deeper level of comfort. Let me show you relief. Call me and I will help find comfort.

People with Fibromyalgia, IBS or chronic pain often experience sleep deprivation. Hypnosis can help train your body to relax. You can train your muscles, ligaments and tendons to “let go” for awhile so you can go to sleep more easily, and once asleep, sleep more soundly. Hypnosis can also help you go back to sleep if you are awakened for any reason.


Fibromyalgia affects about two percent of the US population, some five million people. Many go through complicated and repeated evaluations before they are diagnosed because the description of pain is so general and often similar to other disorders. It is often confusing and misunderstood because so many of the symptoms may appear in other conditions. Fibromyalgia causes pain and stiffness that can sometimes be quite severe. The muscles, joints and glands are swollen, burning and painful… there may be symptoms of depression and/or anxiety and exhaustion. Concentration is difficult and everyday tasks become challenging. Quite often Fibromyalgia (FMS) is accompanied Irritable Bowel Syndrome or arthritis.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common disorders that physicians see. Yet it’s also one that many people aren’t comfortable talking about. IBS is characterized by abdominal pain or cramping and changes in bowel function — including bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation problems most people don’t like to discuss. What’s more, for many years IBS was considered a psycho-logical rather than a physical problem. Up to one in five American adults has irritable bowel syndrome. The disorder accounts for more than one out of every 10 doctor visits.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is different. Sometimes, it’s an after effect of an injury that appears to have healed. Sometimes, it’s a lingering symptom of a past illness. And in some cases, chronic pain develops out of the blue, with no link to trauma or disease. However you try to explain it, chronic pain is something of a mystery. Tests and examinations may uncover nothing abnormal, but your body’s distress is real. Over time, physical pain takes an emotional toll, making your body hurt even more. Anxiety magnifies unpleasant sensations, and sleep problems leave you feeling weak and helpless.

A chronic illness takes its toll not only on the body, but also on the mind and spirit. Anxiety, discouragement and depression are common consequences of dealing with chronic pain. Hypnosis can work to counteract the negativism and anxiety that build up so easily. Working in a relaxed and receptive state, the positive suggestions given in hypnosis can become automatic.

Hypnosis can help you learn to manage your pain. It can keep you motivated to do the exercises needed for flexibility and movement. Hypnosis can help you function for longer periods of time without the discomfort you have experienced in the past. The unconscious mind handles the automatic body functions and hypnosis can encourage those systems to operate at their best. Chronic pain doesn’t have to rule your life.

Hypnotherapy does not take the place of qualified medical care; but it can be a valuable adjunct to medical treatment for this condition. Hypnosis can help alleviate painful symptoms and help your body to work at its best and you can become more relaxed through the day and therefore improve focus and concentration.

You can expect two to 6 or more sessions to treat these debilitating illnesses.

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