Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Can Help You Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, treat Addiction and Anxiety related conditions.
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About Me

Jean Conway, CH, Professional Hypnotherapist

I have been a certified hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists since 1999 and also have Advanced Certification as a 5-Path Practitioner (5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis) and 7th Path Self Hypnosis by the Banyan Hypnosis Center in MN. I have been Certified in Advanced Weight Loss Techniques by Dr. Tom Nicoli, of “The Date Line Weight Loss Challenge.” Additionally, I am a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, a member of the National Federation of Hypnotists and a Quantum Focusing Trainer as well as a Reiki Practitioner.

Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist my professional experiences have been primarily in administration, both in the public sector and in the dental and mental health profession. After the loss of my son *Blue, in 1996, I fought hard to overcome my grief. Hypnotherapy proved to be of tremendous help to me, leading to a career in hypnosis.

Because of my unfortunate personal experience, I created and for many years volunteered my services on an internet grief group list, at griefnet.org, assisting newly bereaved parents of substance abusers learning to cope with their losses. Additionally, I co-authored a book, titled, “Between Two Pages, Children of Substance”, along with other bereaved parents.

Bereavement and Hospice

I have co-facilitated weekend workshops for bereaved and have also facilitated seminars for the bereaved sponsored by Baystate Hospice at the Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, MA and the Holyoke Hospital. I have worked with Hospice as a therapeutic volunteer through both the Baystate VNA and Hospice program at the Franklin Medical Center and the Franklin County Hospice Program to assist the terminally ill and their families during difficult times, and have presented in-service programs for the staff and volunteers.

It is an honor for me to work with cancer patients in achieving wellness through guided imagery and hypnosis both in private sessions and group settings. I have helped cancer patients relieve their pain, nausea, anxiety, and to fall sleep more easily. It is always an honor to work with cancer patients. There is of course, a reduced fee for people suffering from cancer, seeking help with the side effects of their diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, I am certified as a Reiki practitioner – specializing in hospice care.

East Meets West

I welcome medical professionals to take advantage of benefits of hypnosis as a compliment to traditional medical treatment. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the mind can exert a real and powerful effect on the body and that patients undergoing hypnosis before, during or after surgery need less pain medication, have less blood loss and heal more quickly. Evidence is showing that it can be significantly therapeutic to patients which is now influencing major hospitals to use hypnosis. The body-mind connection is very real indeed, and just as Reiki has been embraced by many hospitals, hypnosis is now being recognized as a viable method of helping patients.

Chronic Illness

For the past few years my interests and studies have taken me into the realm of hypnotherapy for chronic illness. I have studied with author and healer Stephen Parkhill, Cal Banyan, author and trainer and Gary Craig, founder of EFT. All are very well known masters in the hypnosis arena. I completed the Advanced Age Regression Hypnosis Program with Randy Shaw and Matt Sison in Utah, in 2010. I have had personal sessions with Matt Sison, Randy Shaw, and Wendie Webber as well as several other excellent hypnotherapists in the U.S. and Canada. and know without a doubt what it means to be healed by the power of hypnotherapy.

Allow me to hold you in your grief, your fear, compulsion or illness. Together we will confront your demons and slay your dragons! With my assistance, you will rewrite your negative thoughts, transform unwanted habits and patterns and change the way you perceive the past.

It is an honor to assist you in your quest for a happier and healthier life.

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