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I have never tried hypnotherapy before.  I had heard about other people’s success stories but the idea of being hypnotized was a little intimidating to me.  In late April I found my voice and gave Jean a call. I booked an appointment and at that point in my mind, there was no turning back. Jeans office is conveniently connected to her house. It is immaculate, accessible and professional. There is a peaceful comforting vibe; I was immediately at ease. My primary goal was to lose weight and keep it off. After that, I had hopes for better sleep and less stress. I am very happy to say that I have achieved these goals and more with my work with Jean.

Here are the facts: The weight loss this time around has been a unique journey, not like any other “diet” I have tried in the past. With ease, I have lost over 20 pounds and I am still counting. Losing weight this way has not been stressful or tedious.  It has been a steady process enabling me to manage the food challenges in my life. My BMI has gone from 32 – 26 in less than 5 months. I have lost 4 inches around my waist and 2 inches around my hips. I have reduced my sleep meds by 2/3rds. I cannot say enough about how improved my sleep is. I am motivated to exercise 4-5 times a week and my stress levels and stress eating are way down. I feel like I have control over my life even when faced with the daily challenges at work and home.

To the process, Jean is a listener, she is experienced, intuitive and caring. In each session she thoughtfully gets to the obstacles and hurdles that are impacting my progress.  She translates what we talk about before hypnosis into a personalized session. Honestly for me, it has been a transformational experience. When we are done, I leave her office refreshed and relaxed, I feel like anything is possible. I listen to the tapes from our sessions 1 to 2 times a day and am very excited about continuing this journey to a happier, more successful, well rested and in control of my destiny me.

– C.R., Putney, VT

Just went for my dress fitting for my son’s wedding. I am down two dress sizes! I even had to have it taken in in a few spots. So excited! I feel like after a lifetime of struggling I am finally getting my eating under control!

I am very grateful for your help and support. I have continued to eat well. A few exceptions but I feel like that is the way it should be.

The wedding is about a month away. I will be continuing these changes for me! Thanks again.

– Barb

I would like to thank you, Jean, for helping me quit smoking. After smoking 2 packs/day for 45 years, it was truly an ingrained habit. I had tried to quit several times before and it never worked for me. I even went to a different hypnotherapist and tried. I tried the patch – didn’t work. Tried prescriptions – didn’t work. Since seeing you, I have not smoked ONCE and don’t plan on ever smoking again. Thanks again!

– C.K.

I just wanted to let you know that things have been going wonderfully since my session with you. Since leaving your office that day I have not dipped once and have not touched a single piece of the nicotine gum. I am totally amazed at how well the hypnosis worked. I have been dipping for almost 18 years and tried to quit more times than I can remember. I would always go right back to dipping after a few months. I can say that even during my softball season I have multiple teammates who dip. I have not dipped nor have I had the urge to dip. I can say that I am 100% confident that I am now a non-dipper and will never do so again and I thank you for this. Not only have I been freed from the burden of relying on a substance but I feel healthier and have saved hundreds of dollars!

My only regret is that I did not make an appointment 5 years earlier. Also if you ever wanted to use me as a reference then I would be more than willing to speak with anyone who is a dipper and would like to hear how you helped. Again, thank you very much!

– J.C., CFP

I quit smoking cold turkey and used hypnosis to support my efforts. My first hypnosis session was approximately 16 hours after my last cigarette, and by the time I got to the office, I was extremely stressed out and very much desperate for a smoke. I was very worried about whether or not I would ever be able to quit. After the first session, I felt much more confident that I could quit, and much less stressed. I never looked back and have not touched a cigarette since then. My family and friends are absolutely amazed because none of the believe that I could every quit smoking. I have no double that the three hypnosis sessions with Jean were the reasons why I have been able to accomplish this. I still listen to the session recordings from time to time to reinforce my non-smoking identity but I truly have no desire to ever take another puff.

– K.B., Equire

I recently had some hypnotherapy sessions with you to assist with quitting smoking. I was never a heavy smoker but thought that the therapy would give me a little push in the right direction. Well, you will be happy to know that I have been a non-smoker for 3 months now! I have not had one cigarette and I feel fantistic. I am not only saving money but do not have to live with the sigma anymore.

Just wanted to thank you for your help during that time in my life and let you know how wonderful it was to talk to someone as kind and patient as yourself. I wish you nothing but wonderful things in your personal and professional life.

– K.K.

I had been trying to quit smoking for over a year with little or no success. I would quit for a day or two, or even a few weeks, slap on patches, chew gum, but I always gave in and smoked.

A friend suggested hypnosis with Jean at Blue Moon, I decided why not. I went to my first session not knowing that to expect. The one thing I didn’t expect was that I didn’t smoke after that first session. In fact, I have not smoked since. In addition, I had been miserable when I was trying to quit all those other times. This time I was not. I may not have been a picture of serenity but I was okay.

After having tried all sorts of other ways to quit smoking and failing, hypnosis with Jean at Blue Moon worked. It wasn’t always easy but the materials Jean gave me certainly got me through the rough spots Yesterday I climbed Mt. Tom without huffing and puffing like I used to. I was able to do that because I am a non-smoker now!

Thanks Jean!

– Jeff

Hi Jean,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m still doing great. My weight loss is at 36 pounds. I’m still walking most days and I can’t believe how my whole way of eating has changed. I have to admit I still go off track every once in awhile but go right back on track. I am down 2 sizes in my pants and one size in my shirts. What a difference it has mad in the way I feel. I can’t thank you enought. Once again, thank you so much for all the help.


I have just completed a delightful set of private and very effective sessions with wonderful Jean Conway. Her help with my weight loss worked like a charm! I’ve lost 30 pounds effortlessly, with the gentle, meaningful and professional guidance of Jean’s individual and specific advice and skills. She is easy to talk with, compassionate and straight-forward. Jean helps change your relationship with food, while offering new diet directions. She reminds you that this is about YOU making the choices that YOU really want. It’s about your own empowerment, which we all can use a little of…or a lot!

When people notice the weight change, they ask what you have done. I tell them that there is no calorie counting, no treadmill, no endless internal cycles of denying yourself and feeling guilty if you indulge. Hypnosis gives you the will power to make the changes you want to make. I tell them that there is really one simple word for Jean’s weight loss program. EASY. Those two words, “diet” and “easy” don’t usually go together, but they do with Jean’s help. It asks only that you truly participate and that you be aware. Like I said…easy.

Thank you, Jean, for a new body and, more importantly, a new friendship.
— H.P., Conway

I went to Jean for an eating disorder that I’ve struggled with since I was a child.  I tried hypnosis several times but it never really worked.  Endless talk therapy sessions also did not produce any real results.  It has now been one month since I first visited her, and the behaviors I suffered from daily have completely halted.  Not one incident in 30 days.  As well we worked on healthy food choices and I find myself gravitating towards those choices for my meals, while completely dismissing, without any struggle, other foods that cause me to gain weight and feel sluggish.  I highly recommend Jean.

I can see she has a unique ability to reach those issues that lie deep within.

— (Name withheld for privacy)

Dear Jean;
I want to thank you for your role in passing my Family Nurse Practitioner Exam. When I went to see you for hypnosis, I had been scoring about 67% on my practice exams online.  After our session, my scores went up to the 80% range. I used the CD 1-2 times a day before my exam.

Everything you planted in my unconscious mind came forward on the real day of my exam and I felt relaxed throughout my exam.  I passed easily despite a 4 hour rigorous exam.  I can’t thank you enough.  You are an amazing clinician.

Sincerely, Paula C. MSN FNP-Yeah! (Feb. 2016)

One of the keys to my hypnosis success with Jean Conway of Blue Moon Hypnotherapy were the one to one sessions she provided. I didn’t want to sit in a room with a bunch of strangers. I wanted the hypnotherapists complete attention. Jean provided this and more!  Mix in Jean’s relaxed manner, knowledge, skill, and years of experience and I believe I discovered a gem in Greenfield!

I went to see Jean to help me overcome some personal challenges that have been hounding me for years. After the initial phone consultation and first session, I knew I found what was going to work and it has! I feel GREAT and feel like the ball-and-chain I’ve been dragging around for years is finally gone!

I would absolutely recommend Blue Moon Hypnotherapy to my friends and family (which I have!)

Don’t hesitate to call Jean and set up your free phone consultation. Her hypnotherapy sessions changed my life.  Seriously. Read the other hypnosis testimonials and you’ll see I’m not alone.

P.S. I also love how beautiful and calming her office is set up. I felt I could really relax and open up.

— JA, Northampton, MA, 8/2014

Jean is the most compassionate, gentle and effective hypnotherapists in our area! She listens deeply and knows just how to get your attention without making you feel intimidated or afraid to let go and relax.

I have loved the sessions I’ve had with her, I always come away feeling lighter in body and mind. I’ve been able to let go of some deep seated anger and have used the tapping technique to help with pain.

Her office is beautiful, the chair is almost too comfortable!  I highly recommend Jean, you will be glad you called her.

— Debra S., Gill, MA, 8/6/2014

I was scared of needles. If I had to go for blood work I would pass out. I felt like such a big baby but there was nothing I could do. My heart would start pounding, I’d get really hot, and then I’d pass out.

I had tried hypnosis before but it never resolved the problem. So, I was doubtful that hypnotherapy could help. But Jean was very professional, with years of experience under her belt. Plus, I was scheduled for surgery. Which meant blood tests, IV lines, and TERROR! So, I decided to give it another shot.

This was definitely different. Jean didn’t just put me into hypnosis and then talk at me. She helped me to find out where that fear was coming from so I could let it go!

What an amazing journey! I was so surprised to discover what the REAL problem was. And even MORE surprised the next time I went for blood tests. This time I felt calm and relaxed. I chatted with the nurse, even LOOKED at the needle while she drew blood!

My needle phobia is a thing of the past. Needle-less to say … ; – ) … I would definitely recommend Jean to anyone who is sick and tired of COPING with irrational feelings and ready to RESOLVE the problem for good.

— Wendie W., Nanaimo, Canada, 8/6/2014

I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for nearly 45 years. Jean’s warm and caring personality mixed with her professionalism, helped ease me off this habit painlessly. I would go to her again with any other problems I may encounter or just to encourage me to be the best I can be!

— Kathleen K., Huntington, MA, 3/25/14

I have suffered for my entire life with anxiety and depression caused by ADHD and had a miserable childhood.  I was a wreck when I first came to see Jean.  In a very short time she helped me turn my life around.  I no longer “self medicate” with food or alcohol.  I am losing weight and can now enjoy family gatherings and other events that used to cause me such stress. To me she is a God send and I will be forever grateful to her for helping me get my head on straight.

— Donna W. Springfield, MA

FORGIVE OTHERS AND FORGIVE YOURSELF”: those words from the description of 5-Path hypnotherapy were what spoke to my soul! A retired mental health and rehabilitation professional, I found myself in crisis, no longer able to heal myself. Where could I turn? Trust was an issue. Who out there could I trust with me? Who better than a woman who had come to hypnotherapy through her own process of healing, who offered to join me in slaying my dragons, and who believes it’s an honor to help me! Having confronted my demons in Jean’s capable hands and emerged whole and healthy, I can tell you that Jean Conway is a rare woman with amazing hypnotic and therapeutic skills, excellent insight, and a calming yet strong presence. The way Jean conducts herself, the surroundings she has created at Blue Moon Hypnotherapy, and the systems she employs all contribute to the success of her truly heart-centered hypnotherapy. MY HEART WAS HEALED; yours could be, too.
— Daryl Ann Fitzgerald, MS

Hypnotherapy with Jean Conway has been a transformative and healing experience. A year ago, I was drowning in a flood of memories from a childhood molestation experience, and deeply conflicted about facing the event directly. I was worried that it would further open Pandora’s box, and wreak havoc on me and my family. However, what transpired was very different: Jean gently took my fragmented self and helped to glue me back together; she helped me to see how I had constructed my perspective, identity and habits around the event. In many instances, I wanted to (and with her help I was able to) construct these aspects of myself anew. Today, the trauma seems to have lost its charge. It now is just another historical fact, and I have reclaimed a sense of empowerment and honesty with myself.
— K.C. , Putney,Vermont

This is to tell you how I have been doing since I finished my 5 hypno-therapy sessions with you in May. First of all I feel so much calmer and in control of what’s happening in my life. I have been able to make some really tough decisions without becoming totally emotionally wiped out by them. The most significant change has been the ability to stand up to my mother and make it clear to her that I am not going to be at her beck and can all of the time. This has lead to improved relations with my immediate family members, as I have been able to articulate and recognize that they are my priority.

As far as my job goes, working with you has helped me to be more organized. It also has helped me be better able to advise my clients to try to take things in stride, rather then getting so emotionally wound up in them, so they can not see the forest through the trees.

I have been recommending you to whom ever I meet who I think could benefit from your services. Thanks so much for all the help you have given me so far and I look forward to coming back again to work on some more things in the near future.
— Julia H. Durchanek. Esq.,Durchanek Law Offices, P.C., Caring for your family’s legal needs as if they were our own.

I recently finished my five sessions of hypnotherapy with Jean Conway, and I want to take a few moments to share how wonderful my hypnosis experience has been with her. I fully recommend this form of therapy to anyone who has, like me, struggled to overcome some of life’s tough issues on one’s own. Only to find that no matter how hard I tried to make changes, or to figure some things out, it seemed to be impossible. I decided to give hypnosis a try to see if it could help me to get unstuck. (from the areas where I knew I was clearly stuck) I didn’t know why I was stuck; but I was not able to heal myself. Hypnotherapy is so much different than standard therapy, and although I recommend standard therapy I think hypnotherapy is a good thing to do in addition to traditional therapy. Getting to the root of the problem is the only way to solve and cure the problem. Sometimes in life we don’t consciously even really know what the problem is. We only know how we feel. I wasn’t sure what to expect from hypnosis; what it would be like, or how it would feel. I found it to be first and foremost very, very, relaxing. I found myself feeling different inside from the very first session. I continued to feel changes to myself all the way thought the process. Its hard to know just what did change inside of me but it is very clear to me that in a subtle quiet way inside I am stronger and more focused and my outlook on life and my obstacles are much different than they were before. Of course each person has different personal reasons for seeking out hypnosis therapy. But I found my therapy to be very tailored to my individual issues and needs and because of this I got so much out of it. I would highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone who has tried other methods to feel better and who refuses to give up on themselves. You owe it to yourself to give it a try and see how it can change your life for the better. I can say, it truly did change me for the better, and also my life as a whole. Life’s to short to be stuck. Give it a try. What have you got to lose except a lifetime of unwanted baggage.
— Sincerely, Kelly Archer, Shelburne Falls, MA

I’m writing this testimonial in regards to Jean Conway. I saw Jean in August of 2006. As a certified hypnotist, I had actually never seen a hypnotist myself and decided to see Jean based on her impressive website. We spoke and she was very welcoming and willing to answer any question I had. I felt respected as a colleague as well as a potential client. When I met Jean in her very nicely designed and cozy office, I quickly felt comfortable. I had decided to see Jean to experience another hypnotist’s style and to work on the process of setting up my own practice. She immediately focused on my professional goals but even more importantly to the personal aspects that form the basis of my motivation and confidence issues. In a testament to her abilities as a hypnotist and a counselor, I experienced a full and productive session, going inward to places I had never expected to go but truly needed to. In the weeks since, I have made strides in my practice-building process. I have also noticed inner changes, both subtle and surprising. Jean has a caring and approachable rapport. Her professionalism is readily apparent. I recommend her services heartily.
— Henry Balzarini, Holyoke, MA

5 Path Works! I lost 60 pounds! Hypnosis changed my life. I feel liberated, unburdened, grateful and happy. In early 2004 Jean Conway, Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist, introduced me to the 5 Path Technique and suggested that I would find some benefit in it. Surprising myself, I agreed to try it and we began the process of tuning up my emotional well being in a series of afternoon sessions that typically lasted a little over a couple hours per session for about five weeks.

In the 5 Path sessions, Jean used hypnosis to guide me back to parts of my life that were instrumental in the development of my personality. Unlike direct suggestion sessions, where she did all of the talking, Jean asked me specific questions about events in my life and more importantly how the events impacted my emotional well being. As I responded, Jean guided me back in time to some very early experiences. Like peeling an onion, she coached me, pulling back the layers of emotional baggage that I had been carrying for years and years.

During these sessions we typically found and confronted a single issue that had a profound negative effect on my early emotional development. Using the 5 Path technique Jean then framed the remainder of the session to first; render the event inconsequential, and then to move on from the event in a positive and constructive manner. Interestingly, we examined the events from my point of view when the event took place, and then from my aged perspective. In comparing the two points of view, I was able to see how minor the event really was in comparison to my life today, and then to move on. After each session, Jean gave me a mental exercise as part of the 7th Path Self Hypnosis practice to repeat daily to reinforce the good work we had done. As the weeks went by, the exercises added onto each other, one by one, and this little ritual had a great calming affect and clarified my focus in day to day living.

I didn’t do this on a whim or because I felt emotionally scarred or defective but rather to see if there were events in my life that were affecting my present day thinking and behavior. I was floored by what we found and more importantly conquered. In a follow up session to the 5 Path Technique, we tackled a life long problem in a single session that had chronically bothered me. It has not returned and I believe it never will.
I believe in luck and consider myself a lucky person but I have good luck and bad in roughly equal amounts. I was extraordinarily lucky to have stumbled on Jean and the 5 Path Technique when I did because for the past 10 months I have needed not only tremendous coping skills but the calm and focus that 5 Path offers. One of my immediate family members took ill quite seriously and was hospitalized for over 6 months and has not recovered completely and never will. It has been a very traumatic 10 months juggling a career, the illness, and other family needs. While the load is so very difficult, life is manageable by the skills that I have acquired under the guidance of Jean Conway. Somehow my life is in balance and getting better but I can only imagine what it would be like if I had been dealt this hand two years ago.”
— Richard Wronski, Barre, MA

I am amazed and relieved to discover how comfortable hypnotherapy is. Jean is so skilled at creating a non-threatening approach and atmosphere. I now feel that I can let go of issues of the past and move forward with confidence.
— Lisa Littwin, Deerfield, MA

Better than any sleeping pill! I’ve been listening to your tape at night. Within minutes, I’m alseep! Thanks for giving me the best sleep medicine I’ve ever taken!
— Charlene Paradise, Shrewsbury, MA

I lost 50 pounds with a positive attitude. The sessions are so much more than weight loss!
— Donna K., Leyden, MA

After 30 years of smoking, I quit with just one session. After this success, I went back for my chronic pain. I can’t believe how good I feel, even when it rains! It’s like a miracle to me.

— Charles Streeter, Greenfield, MA

Are you are looking for a way to cope, a reason to try, the answer to a problem? You need relief. That’s why you are here. I’m here to help you heal what hurts, to find the path you lost, the person you were or long to be, and to help you get the life and the health you really want. If you have made the decision, to take care of yourself, to change what has changed in you, I can show you the way.

Blue Moon Hypnotherapy is committed to being true to you. Be true to yourself. Together, we can face anything. Together, we will be true Blue.  I’ll be happy to speak with you on the phone or mail you written information on how I can help you succeed. Remember, it’s never too late to get the life you really want!

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