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Grief, Loss, Bereavement & Hypnosis

Grief is the body-mind-spirit connection with your lost love one manifesting itself. It’s a natural occurring phenomenon signifying the love you shared with that person. Whether you’ve lost a parent, a child, a spouse or a beloved animal, the pain can be excruciating.

Loss is inevitable…how you respond to it is optional.

Whether you lose a loved one, a relationship or a job or a pet most people feel some degree of grief when such an event occurs. In the case of the loss of a loved one, especially a child or spouse, the feeling of loneliness and concern for the future can be emotionally devastating.

While grief is a normal and usually healthy response to loss, it can become unhealthy and counterproductive if allowed to persist for an inappropriate period of time. Many people believe that grief is not a feeling that can nor should be changed and it must simply be endured for as long as it lasts, regardless of the detrimental effects on the person grieving. In fact, we demean ourselves when we fail to honor our grief. Grief ennobles life by reminding us of the magnitude of our sorrow. After losing someone we love, we feel the depths of the love we have carried; we appreciate the life we had taken for granted. Grief enriches us when we embrace it and shrivels us when we deny its existence.

I am no stranger to grief. I have lost both my parents and my only child, Blue, in addition to having lost a very close friend a few years ago to cancer, as well as many other relatives.

After the loss of my son in 1996, I studied bereavement and grief extensively. I found a great deal of relief as a result of using hypnotherapy which lead me to my current profession. I felt compelled to become a Hospice Volunteer – eventually specializing in bereavement. I started an online bereavement group for parents who have lost a child.

Having facilitated weekend retreats & bereavement workshops in addition to the one-on-one work I do with my clients, I must confess that I find the most satisfaction of all in helping others resolve and lessen their grief related pain.

Believe me, I understand and I can help.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool that can help you relieve the intense pain in your heart and soul. I have studied grief extensively. I have been a member of the Compassionate Friends and helped others through tough times. I co-authored a book, “Children of Substance” with bereaved parents. I organized and facilitated an online bereavement group on www.Grief-Net.org for many years and continue  to monitor an online bereavement group today.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can ease your grief.  It helped me tremendously – so much so, that I became a Hypnotherapist!

Please call to discuss how it can also help you.

You couldn’t bare the thought of it ever happening, but it did.
Someone you love dearly has gone.
Are you overwhelmed with sadness and despair?
Burdened by emotion?
Not sure where to turn?

Come to Blue Moon Hypnotherapy and I will help you get through it.
Let me hold you in your grief and wipe away your tears.
Let me soothe your broken heart and transform your sadness into peace.
I am a professional bereavement hypnotherapist, and facing death in every direction.
I understand because I have been there.
I can show you how to truly feel everlasting comfort.


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